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Daniel D. Stuhlman

Librarian's Lobby
by Daniel D. Stuhlman
December 2003

Trademark Violation -- Cease and Desist

Mr. Daniel D. Stuhlman writes a fascinating article -- there is only a couple problems.  Ok more than a few problems. Lots of problems.

He is not a lawyer and doesn't know what he is talking about.  He is wrong and I believe a liar.  I never spoke or email him.  Never heard of him.

He writes: 
  • I received one of those 'nasty' letters on Oct. 22, 2003 via e-mail demanding me to stop violating a trademark
  • In June 2002 the Association of Jewish Libraries held its annual convention in Denver. They got permission to use a catchy name playing on the moniker "mile high" associated with the city.
I never sent him a letter of any kind.  When I found an article makes use of by Business and Trade Mark - I called Denver Jewish Library here in Denver.  They said write the person that wrote the article and remove Mile Chai.  per our agreement.

Here is what he left out - I had an agreement with  Association of Jewish Libraries that after the convention they would no longer use my trade mark and business name.  They agreed.  Simple enough.

What Daniel D. Stuhlman doesn't understand is agreements.  Stuhlman is not a lawyer.

Before you listen to people like Daniel D. Stuhlman - talk to someone that knows something before you get yourself in trouble. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chronicles: News of the Past

1726 BCE to Modern Days
Edited by Dr. Israel Eldad and Moshe Aumann

Jewish history uniquely retold - in the form of a modern daily newspaper. Complete in one volume.
  • Part One - In The Days of the Bible - From Abraham to Ezra, 1726-444 BCE. The story of the Bible, set against the background of the ancient world.
  • Part Two - Second Temple, Rise of Christianity - From the Maccabees to Spanish Jewry's Golden Age, 165 BCE to 1038 CE. The unparallelled survival of Israel deprived of normal existence in its land and the interplay of its turbulent history with that of Christianity and Islam.
  • Part Three - The Dawn of Redemption - From 1039 CE to modern days - A tortured, persecuted people draws inspiration, and the strength to survive, from an age-old dream that finally begins to take shape. Saladin, Marco Polo, Luther, Henry VIII, Chaucer, Napoleon, Jefferson, and a host of other history makers also "come alive" in this unique journalistic presentation.
Contains all three volumes, covering the biblical and post-biblical eras, and up to the modern era.

3 Volume, Hardcover, in slip case
ISBN: 965-7108-15-2
A publication of the Reubeni Foundation, Jerusalem.
Originally published in 1954.
First edition: 1954
Second edition: 1967
Third edition: 1968

Seach for best price: Chronicles: News of the Past (3 volume set)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Introduction to Judaism

Are you interested in knowing more about Judaism?
Are you looking for an introduction to Jewish life?
Are you looking for a greater feel for Jewish traditions?

An Introduction to Judaism in Three Parts
October 7, 14, 21 7:30-9 pm

Session I: Spirituality
Session II: Ethics
Session III: Community

Classes taught by Rabbi Joel Schwartzman and sponsored by Congregation B'nai Chaim. All sessions will be held at B'nai Chaim, a Reform Jewish Synagogue in Morrison, CO located at 4716 S. Coors Lane. Check out or call 303-842-9113 for information and directions.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mazel Tov

Three Denver youth celebrated their Bar and Bat Mitzvah this past weekend. They were Ari Baruch Grant, son of Mira and Kim Grant; Alyssa Renee Miller, daughter of Wendy and Jimmy Miller and Aliza Rachel Berman, daught of Kerry and Mindy Berman.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Negotiating the Boundaries of Legitimacy

You are all invited! Please share this information with your community…

Join the Center for Judaic Studies at DU for a public lecture and series of Rimon: Master Classes in Judaic Studies with internationally renowned scholar of Jewish Philosophy

Shaul Magid

“Jewish Renewal in Contemporary America: Negotiating the Boundaries of Legitimacy”

Jewish Renewal has moved into its second generation. Join Professor Magid as he examines the question of “legitimacy” more generally through the lens of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi’s recent Hebrew writings.

Shaul Magid is the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Chair of Jewish Studies at Indiana University. Professor Magid’s work focuses on Kabbalah, Hasidism and medieval and modern Jewish philosophy. He is the author of Hasidism on the Margin: Reconciliations, Antinomianism and Messianism in Izbica and Radzin Hasidism. Editor of God’s Voice from the Void: Old and New Essays on Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav and co-editor of Beginning Again: Toward a Hermeneutic of Jewish Text.

  • Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 7 P.M.
  • University of Denver, Gottesfeld Room
  • Daniel L. Ritchie Center, 4th Floor
  • 2201 E. Asbury Ave., Denver

Join Professor Magid for a unique and intimate learning opportunity as he leads series of Rimon: Master Classes on

“Lurianic Kabbalah on Scripture”

Much of the focus on Kabbalah in the academy has dealt with Kabbalah’s metaphysical world-view, its liturgical and devotional applications, and its historical setting. Less work has been done on the hermeneutical strategies used by Kabbalists to re-write Scripture in their own image and how these interpretive schemes may have been responding to local and global events in the Jewish world. This series of classes focuses on one kabbalistic fraternity, that of Rabbi Isaac Luria in 16th-century Safed, and explores the way they used Scripture as a lens to understand the major theological and cultural events in their time.

  • Wednesday, April 25, 2007 from 4-7 P.M. and
  • Thursday, April 26, 2007 from 4-7 P.M.
  • University of Denver, Multi-Purpose Room 3430
  • Daniel L. Ritchie Center, 3rd Floor
  • 2201 E. Asbury Ave., Denver

All events are free and open to the public; however, RSVPs are required, as space is limited. Please call 303.871.3660 or email

For more information on the lecture series or the Master Classes, visit our website at

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Rafael Spiritual Healing Center

Contact: Ed Galemba
303-597-5000 x305

Cynthia Heller Joins JFS as Rafael Spiritual Healing Center Coordinator

DENVER — February 27, 2007 — Jewish Family Service of Colorado is pleased to announce that Cynthia Heller recently joined the staff as coordinator of the Rafael Spiritual Healing Center (RSHC). RSHC is a welcoming place that offers programs, spiritual bereavement support groups, counseling, resources, and referrals. It provides both spiritual and psychological support for those facing issues associated with death, grief, chronic illness and caregiver support.

“This job combines all of my work experience, educational background, and interests in pastoral care, theology, and the psychological-spiritual approach to healing,” says Heller. She brings a unique set of skills to RSHC. Heller has worked as a Jewish and interreligious educator and as a spiritual facilitator with diverse groups of people to create rituals, programs, and workshops that address a variety of complex emotional, social, and spiritual issues.

As coordinator, Heller is responsible for representing the RSHC in the community and developing alliances and collaborations with other healing, medical, Jewish, and educational organizations. She is also responsible for developing programs which offer spiritual healing education and training to professionals and the general public, organizing and promoting marketing efforts, overseeing all RSHC programming, and co-facilitating support groups.

Heller co-facilitates the current RSHC bereavement support group with Rabbi Eliot Baskin, JFS community chaplain, and Dr. Laura Hockman, JFS psychologist. She is also engaged in outreach with other agencies and programs to build reciprocal referral networks. Additionally, Heller is working to maintain and expand the RSHC library and online resources.

The Rafael Spiritual Healing Center is made possible by Rose Community Foundation.

About Jewish Family Service of Colorado

Jewish Family Service of Colorado is a community agency serving metro Denver that provides professional services, resources and referrals in the areas of mental health counseling, food assistance, adult care management and in-home support services for the frail, elderly, emotionally vulnerable, people with disabilities, refugees and immigrants, and the hungry regardless of faith or economic status. JFS, a nonprofit and nonsectarian human service agency, is one of the oldest organizations in Colorado and impacts more than 21,000 people each year. For more information, please call 303-597-5000 or visit

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